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Jan 14, 2017

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! is a Japanese novel set of Natsume Akatsuki, also known as Manga and Anime series. A television anime adaptation by Studio Deen aired on Tokyo MX between January 14, 2016 and March 16, 2016; later broadcasting on eight other networks and several video on demand streaming networks.

A second season has been announced, and will air on January 11, 2017. The anime's opening theme is "Fantastic Dreamer" by Machico while the ending theme is "Chiisana Bokensha" (Little Adventurer) performed by Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, and Ai Kayano. A second season has been announced,  and will premiere air on January 11, 2017. The second's season's opening theme is "Tomorrow" by Machico, and the ending theme is "Ouchi ni Kaeritai" by Amamiya, Takahashi, and Kayano.

Feb 18, 2015

Beyond the Boundary-Kyoukai no Kanata

Beyond the Boundary is a series of light novels Japanese Torii Nagomu written, and illustrated by Tomoyo Kamoi. An adaptation anime was produced by Kyoto Animation and broadcast from October  to December, 2013. A two-part anime film project will premiere in March and April 2015.

The opening theme is "Kyoukai no Kanata" by Minori Chihara and the ending theme is "Daisy" sung by Stereo Dive Foundation. One day, the high school student Akihito Kanbara  saves instinctively his partner Mirai Kuriyama that seems to be about to commit suicide by jumping from the roof.

Nov 12, 2014

Kamigami no Asobi Ludere deorum

Mischief of the Gods  is a visual novel and anime made ​​by Nippon Ichi Software and Broccoli . It was released on October 23, 2013 for PlayStation Portable. An anime adaptation by the studio Brain's Base was announced in December 2013 1 and aired in April 2014, completed his transmission in June of that year with 12 chapters and ova.
The story revolves around Kusanagi Yui, who is ordered by Zeus, a god and head of the school he created, to teach them the meaning of love and human to a youth group and beautiful gods. The reason he had to do that is to remove the negative effects of the weakening bonds between the divine and the human world. The protagonist, Kusanagi Yui is a normal girl, who is about to graduate and is beginning to worry about his future.

Jun 1, 2014

Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer is a manga written and illustrated by CLAMP, published in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten. The manga was adapted into a series of anime produced by Bones which aired on TV Tokyo on April 1, 2001 to September 23, 2001 consisting of 26 episodes. The songs were composed by Kouhei Tanaka, who also made ​​the soundtrack of One Piece and Sakura Wars.

The story revolves around a girl Misaki Sozuhara moving to Tokyo city in its early days get to see several battles to call their attention and finding out more about this topic will explain that it is a game where warriors are angels, small dolls that are purchased in stores and are fashionable in the city. Misaki is attracted to this game starting a new world for her, where you will find new friends and lots of fun.

Aug 3, 2012

Kiba-Very Very

Mainly the story focuses on the challenges Zed, the protagonist must overcome to become a Shard Caster and his search for the most important to him: His freedom. The first opening theme is "Sanctuary" by Nami Tamaki and the first ending theme is "Very Very" by Afromania.
kiba anime
The main character is Zed , a 15 year old boy living in a place called Calm . One day, after many strange events, is attracted by a "mysterious wind," and seeking answers that may be there, gets into a crack of space-time portal. Carried by the wind, he gets transported to another world, which fought the "Shard Casters" and more specifically , to a country called Templar.

Jul 17, 2012

Katteni Kaizou-Katte ni Kaizou Shitemo Iize

The series title comes from Katte, Japanese word that means very specific and arbitrary actions on their own without regard to others and Kaizo, the protagonist. The title suggests as Kaizo invents all kinds of situations on their own.
Katteni Kaizou anime
The opening theme is "Katte ni Kaizou Shitemo Iize" by Ichirou Mizuki & Tokusatsu and the ending theme is "Nani ga Nani de Nani nano" by Ryoko Shintani.

Jun 27, 2012

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!-My Secret

The Seika High School has always been reserved for males, and only recently admitted there are also girls, which, however, are intimidated by the large number of people of the opposite. The opening theme is "My Secret" by Saaya Mizuno and the first ending theme is "Yokan" by Heidi.
Maid Sama
For this reason Ayuzawa Misaki, as became the first woman President of the Student Council, is keen to demonstrate its capabilities and its superiority over males, which basically despises. With this goal has become a model of professionalism, who does not hesitate to punish severely if they behave in a manner not in keeping with their role as students.