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May 11, 2012

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World-Metamorphose

This story is about a young man named Takeru Takemoto , who had a different way of seeing the world, because while other young people just live day to day, he constantly challenges as the world and life will inevitably change. While making a delivery to your local motorcycle for his uncle, accompanied by his best friend Ryo, a strange light passed him heading into the woods. Following the flash found a strange girl, who was inside a transparent cocoon.
This Ugly and Beautiful World
Takeru reacts as if he knew this girl and decides to remove it. Suddenly, a kind of monster appears trying to hurt her, Takeru given not to do anything loses hope, but suddenly undergoes a strange transformation and takes body power and strength to defeat the creature. The opening theme is "Metamorphose" by Yoko Takahashi and the first ending theme is "Natsuiro no Kakera" (Fragments of Summer Colors) by Yoko Ishida.