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Oct 16, 2016

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut-Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is a series of light novels written by Senri Akatsuki and illustrated by Ayumu Kasuga. The television series, directed by Masaomi Ando and co-produced by animation studios Lerche and Orange, aired from 11 January to 28 March 2016. The opening theme is "Hiryuu no Kishi" by TRUE and the ending theme is "Lime Tree" by Nano.Ripe.

Lux, a former ruler of an empire called Arcadia that was overthrown by a rebellion five years ago, accidentally transfer a female dormitory bathroom area, seeing the new princess naked Lisesharte empire, causing bother. Lisesharte challenges Lux Drag-Ride a duel. Lux was formerly called the Drag-Knight stronger, but now is known as the "weakest invincible" Drag-Knight because he absolutely does not attack in battle. After his duel with Lisesharte, Lux ends attending the academy just for girls coaching royalty to be Drag-Knights.

Jul 7, 2014

Glasslip Anime Opening and Ending Theme

Glasslip is an anime thirteen episodes produced by PA Works and directed by Junji Nishimura. The screenplay was written by Rika Satou and Junji Nishimura and the character design was designed by Miki Takeshita. The television series debuted in Japan July 3, 2014.

The opening theme is "Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe" (A Summer Day with Your Voice) by ChouCho, and the ending theme is "Tōmei na Sekai" (Transparent World) by Nano Ripe. The story focuses on six high school students who meet in the summer. The protagonist is Touko Fukami, aged 17 and born in Fukui Prefecture. Her dream is to become glass artisan.

Feb 26, 2013

Hanasaku Iroha Themes Songs

The ABCs of Blooming is an anime television series from 2011. It originated in the animation studio PA Works and directed by Masahiro Ando, ​​from a screenplay by Mari Okada. For the first 13 episodes, the opening theme song is "Hana no Iro" (Colorful Flowers) by Nano Ripe, and the main ending theme is "Hazy" by Sphere.
anime Hanasaku Iroha
In the anime, the student Ohana Matsumae is accompanied in a new form of life to have to resign after she was abandoned by her mother in the lurch, and she is now trying to break into the inn her grandmother feet. For episodes 14 onwards, the opening theme is "Omokage Warp" (Trace Warp) by Nano Ripe, while the ending theme is "Hanasaku Iroha" by Clammbon. Nano Ripe provided several more ending theme songs: "Tsukikage to Buranko" for episode 6, "Yumeji" for episodes 8 and 26, "Saibō Kioku" for episode 11, and "High Leap" for episode 22.