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Feb 21, 2012

Durarara!! - Betrayal of the Sunset

An adaptation manga was created by Akiyo Satorigi, began serialization in the magazine Shonen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy from April 18, 2009. A translation into anime was distributed in January 2010.
anime durarara
The story revolves around the life of a Dullahan (Durarara!!) who works as a courier in the district of Ikebukuro , an anonymous Internet-gang known as Dollars, and various events that involve people more dangerous than Ikebukuro. In the summer of 2010 was published a video game for PlayStation. Four pieces of theme music are used for the series.  Opening theme  "Uragiri no Yuuyake (Betrayal of the Sunset)" by Theatre Brook and Ending theme "Trust Me" by Yuuya Matsushita.