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Yui Horie

She is very popular as a "voice actress" and is also highly recognized as a singer. She was born on Sep 20, 1976. Her blood type is B, and her pastimes contain shoulder joint massaging, study and eating. She releases ten albums and many single songs.

She is presenters of a radio show called "Yui Horie's Angel Eggs" and is the innovation associate of the singing band, Aice5. She is also a fellow of the band Kurobara Hozonkai, among the name YUIEL. She participated in more than hundreds of popular anime titles and her big snap arrived when she obtained the voice of Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina in 2000 and her character as Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket the following year started her progress for being one of Japan's most popular voice actress (seiyuu).

She made her artist debut in December 2000. Initial shipment of her debut album "Mizutamari Ni Utsuru Sekai" (meaning: The World Reflected on the Puddle) were 50,000 copies despite the fact this was her first record release and never released a single record. It was an unprecedented debut. Her first single record "Love Destiny" was later released, and the sales went up to 100,000 copies and laid the foundation for her to be definitively recognized as an artist in both the music field and in the field of "voice acting". In November of 2001 she released her second album "Kuroneko To Tsuki. Kikyuu Wo be Meguru Bouken" (meaning: Black Cat and the Moon, An Adventure on the Hot Balloon). After reaching 90,000 copies, the sales still climbing. After releasing her second single " " "Kirari Takaramono" (meaning: Shining Treasures) and third single " " "All My Love", she continues to keep high record sales and there is a high expectation for her coming third album.

Some of her songs are featured in several anime opening and ending theme, so check it all Anime-related songs by Yui Horie:

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