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Scandal is a band of pop rock, originally from Osaka (Japan), formed in August 2006 by Haruna Ono (vocals and guitar), Mami Sasazaki (guitar and vocals), Tomomi Ogawa (bass, vocals), and Rina Suzuki (drums, vocals).

Scandal is very energetic, especially due to the fact that Ono, the eldest member and leader of the band, sharing the vocals with the other three girls, to not focus on one particular girl and each time have to be the limelight.

The four girls came together as a collegiate music lovers to form Scandal, and decided to compose and play their own music while reconciled with their ordinary life of school. Over time, the group began to get offers from clubs and music halls in nearby Osaka and Kyoto.

Eventually, over one hundred fans began to faithfully watch the performances live Scandal the streets of Tokyo and Shiroten, Osaka, making the Japanese turn their eyes to the band. In August of 2007, Scandal seized the opportunity to participate in special event at Shibuya Club Asia, a club highly recognized and respected in Shibuya, Tokyo. It was during this time that record label Kitty Records, first asked if the four girls would like to have their music recorded with them. After several months, there was a flexible independent agreement between Kitty in partnership with Tower Records, and SCANDAL started to become more dominant trend.

Their first indie single was released in March 3, 2008 in celebration of Hinamatsuri (Japanese holiday for Girl's Day), in which, despite being placed as second in the "Weekly Indie Chart" Tower Records, was sold in Japan and struggled to keep the stock due to high demand. In an attempt to alleviate the hardship of fans get this album, on April 9, 2008 the single was released on iTunes Music Store (both in Japanese and in the U.S.). Two more singles (CD) were launched in the following months, both being placed as number 1 in the "Indies Weekly Chart".
Soon after their first release, Scandal left Japan for his first international tour, the "Japan Nite U.S. Tour 2008", followed by two concerts at Convention anime and Japanese culture "Sakura-Con" 2008, from March 16 to 30 March.

The songs of Scandal were put in a variety of media: their first single, "Space Ranger", is the opening to "Kyoto Sports Weekly," and his second single, "Koi Moyou" is the main theme of the movie "Corazon de Melon . " Their song "Start" is the theme song from " Star Ocean: Second Evolution "and is available on the soundtrack of the game. More recently, "Daydream" was part of a tribute album to the band's classic multi-genre Japanese, Judy and Mary, and their song "Shoujo S" is the tenth opening of the anime Bleach. Their latest single, Sentimental Shunkan, became the fourth ending theme for the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (from episode 39).


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