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Nana Mizuki

She is a Voice actor, voice artist, music singer entertainer, and related movie narrator voice. She has been very active as a singer in addition to voice, have recently held a live concert in the summer and winter.
nana mizuki
She was born on January 21, 1980. Currently, a member of Sigma Seven that belongs to King Records. Her blood type is Type O, and her real name is Nana Kondou. She releases thirteen albums and many single songs.
nana kondou
She was learning the songs in the classroom because their parents from an early age. In her middle age was a member of the table tennis. Her character actor made his debut in the role of games in 1998, a debut as a singer in 2000. As her career developed and additional albums were released, she began infusing her sound with rock elements, adding faster riffs to her songs, as well as an occasional electric guitar solo. Despite this, she remains a prolific voice actress, with over 130 voice roles in separate media. Many of the characters whom she has voiced were initially very shy/soft-spoken.

Some of her songs are featured in anime opening and ending theme, so check it all Anime-related songs by Nana Mizuki :