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Megumi Hayashibara

She is a voiced actor, singer and Narrator, radio personality and lyricist and essayist. Born March 30, 1967, Tokyo, Japan. O type. Voiced by seiyuu activities, including 90's early since 1985 boasts popular top-level and grown up to. As a singer in 1989 "promise I'm “ Kwak ’ s Song" "in the debut. In 1996, "new Evangelion ' of childhood served as Aya wave Ray record ranking top ten single. Hekiru Shiina, became of voiced by singer boom of the 1990s as a key player, as well as Sakurai Tomo.

Entered the nursing school and graduated from high school at the same time. Send a simultaneous application for the disambiguation (Japan voiceover acting Institute) to also pass and attend both the hectic life. Nursing school to ' second ikkoku "(1986 / Fuji TV) in voice actor debut. Veteran voice actor who plays the richness and clarity of a voice and emotions in a wide range of character, also enjoyed a career counting nearly 20 years.
So far released thirteen original albums and recently albums singles together across the Board daybreak BEST10 ten plays. Also beyond the voice actors, such as a radio personality and magazine serial writing in.

Megumi just introduce the stuff was a regular performer who played major works and voices, especially in anime. No guest appearances only one story and the title basically above does not. We have also omit for the same character in different media such as sequels or OVA and movie re-appearance.

She appreciated also in songs, such as the profession is of course voice actors, but also as a singer has released 13 albums so far in rankings such as daybreak CD always place top district. Also recently, lyrics and other voluntarily to the composer challenge.

Some of their songs are featured in several anime opening and ending theme, so check it all Anime-related songs by Megumi:

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