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ALI PROJECT is a treasure Arika Takarano (vocals - in charge of lyrics) and Mikiya Katakura three Ki Department (composer arranger in charge) of the music unit, Aka Ali professionals. So far, she has released 14 Albums and many singles even anime related or not.
project ali
In 1985 the " ant project " started activities under the name 1992 in the name of the current ALI PROJECT renamed to major debut . Musical genres as progressive - rock that is classified as pro Ali 's own world in this category may also incorrect because it built.

In the early bright fresh era of melody and " white ants , "and the recent black vivid atmosphere of the times, " Black Ant "call. The new genre of " red ant "appeared.The frequent use of triplet, chromatic progression, harmonic progression there is a unique feature-intensive, while others have shown rejection, a unique world view and together, the attractive force in the enthusiast away poisons people's Some.

As mentioned above, ALI PROJECT song Rui Aki-up tempo accepted on love songs if you guess, the triplet of chromatic progression for dark lyrics that express one's feelings in a poem rock songs as well there.

Treasure Arika said the former " white ants ", the latter a " black ants "and call, like this designation has been used in between. White ants and black ants in addition to " peach Ali "," Ash Ali , "" red ant "," Yamato Rock "exists. Ant project in remnant from the days of " white ants", " Black Ant "Some people write.

Some of her songs are featured in anime opening and ending theme, so check it all Anime-related songs by Ali Project :