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Sep 7, 2013

Danganronpa-Trigger Happy Havoc

Bullet Rebuttal: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair, often abbreviated as Dangan Ronpa, is a mystery visual novel developed by Spike exclusively for Japan. The game has received two manga adaptations and a television anime adaptation by Lerche began airing from July 4, 2013 and is being simulcast by Funimation.
The opening theme is "Never Say Never" by TKDz2b with rapping provided by Jas Mace and Marchitect (aka The 49ers) and Tribeca, while the ending theme is "Zetsubōsei: Hero Chiryōyaku" (Despairity: A Hero's Treatment) by Suzumu feat. Soraru.

The story is shown from the point of view of the protagonist, Makoto Naegi, which begins a new year in the elite private school Academy Peak of Hope (Hope's Peak Academy), which is known for training elite students with a great secure future upon graduating from this academy. These students receive title "Super High School Level". However, each year the school organizes a lottery among all students national average, one is chosen at random and enter the academy as the "Super High School Level Good Luck" (Super Lucky High School) - Makoto Naegi is one.

The story revolves around 15 students who are trapped in the school under the control of a bear named Monokuma sadistic. To escape, students must "graduate" school. To do this, they have to kill a classmate. After your body has been found, the rest of the students must work together to uncover the culprit. If the culprit can fool the rest of his classmates, he can graduate from high school, but the other students will be punished. However, if the companions discover the real culprit, then only he will be punished with a gruesome execution while all others remain unscathed.
While Monokuma gives reason to encourage students to commit murder, students also try to discover the secrets of the school, including why they were stuck there in the first place.

Dangan Ronpa Opening Theme Music Video "Never Say Never" by TKDz2b feat. The 49ers
~~~ ~~~

Never Say Never Lyrics

Reality slips far away
Fiction comes alive as we start to play
Hope is no more behind a closed door
As we drift away from what was once before
Hope and hopelessness become one
It’s all meaningless we’ve already begun
We are all one in the same
Never opposites when we play the same game
We walk a thin line between hope and despair
Running from the truth but it’s already here
Told so many lies I don’t know if they can find me
Only one life to live so choose wisely
Heads or tails?
Do you know what side you’re on?
Does it even matter if it’s on the same coin?
If you wanna achieve you gotta believe
The time is right now there’s the door here’s the keys
Just gotta chase the pain away
Let it fade away
There’s a ray of hope beyond despair
Move on-Look for the truth in this world
Break through the confusion
Find a solution
Beat the twisted evil things
Just do it, go for it
Never say never
Never say never
Never say never
Break through the confusion
Find a solution
Beat the twisted evil things
Just do it, go for it

Dangan Ronpa Ending Theme Music Video "Zetsubōsei: Hero Chiryōyaku" by Suzumu feat. Soraru
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