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Jul 20, 2012

Black Butler-Kuroshitsuji-Kiss of Monochrome

The series follows Sebastian Michaelis, a demon butler who is obligated by contract to serve supernatural to Ciel Phantomhive , the leader of the Phantomhive noble family, and in return get Sebastian Ciel's soul when he finished all his tasks, including revenge on those who killed her family, then it shall be allowed Sebastian to kill him and take his soul.
In a mansion on the outskirts of London in Victorian times , the butler Sebastian Michaelis serves Ciel Phantomhive, who is head of a noble family and a toy company. Sebastian carries out any task required by his master and solves the problems plaguing England with ease and perfection because of his demonic lineage and a contract with Ciel Phantomhive. The opening theme is "Kiss of Monochrome" by Sid and the ending theme1 is "I'm Alive!" by Becca.

Black Butler His Butler Performer
Both the series and the contract consists mainly in finding those responsible for the death of the parents of Ciel Phantomhive and take revenge. Once finalized this will be sworn Sebastian Ciel's soul.
Black Butler popular anime

Black Butler Opening theme "Kiss of Monochrome" by SID
~~~ ~~~

Kiss of Monochrome Lyrics

Deai ni iro wa nakute
Monokuru fukinukeru
Itami goto kimi yudanemashou

Kizu ato tsuyoku nazoru
Yousha nai aki ga kite
Suzushii yubi temaneku mama ni

Toketa ato no yukkai na
Koori mitai na watashi wo
Yasashiku sukutte
Uwaku chibiru de asobu

Sore demo hitotsu no ai no katachi wo sagasu
Tooku yori mo ima wo musunda kareta hitomi wa
Dekireba kono mama tsutsumarete owaritai
Futari de himeta awai hada tsuki mo kakureteru

Are kara ikura ka
Yoru suki ni mo narimashita
Ison no umi iki mo wasurete

Black Butler Ending theme1 "I'm Alive!" by Becca
~~~ ~~~

I'm Alive Lyrics

Nothing I say comes out right,
I cant love without a fight,
No one ever knows my name,
When I pray for sun, it rains.
Im so sick of wasting time,
But nothings moving in my mind,
Inspiration cant be found,
I get up and fall but,

Im Alive, Im Alive, oh yeah
Between the good and bad is where youll find me,
Reaching for heaven.
I will fight, and Ill sleep when I die,
Ill live my life, Im Alive!

Every lover breaks my heart,
And I know it from the start,
Still I end up in a mess,
Every time I second guess.
All my friends just run away,
When Im having a bad day,
I would rather stay in bed, but I know theres a reason.


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I like the concept of this Anime, usually Anime stories starts at action and funny concept. But this new release Anime was very unique and great, it mixed action and fun at the beginning so I recommend this new anime to watch and I know my Co’ anime lover will support this one.

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