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Jun 30, 2012

Trinity Blood-Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix)

Trinity Blood shows a world where current and historical elements are mixed and distorted. The opening theme is  "Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix)" by Buck-Tick  and the first ending theme is "Broken Wings" by Tomoko Tane.
trinity blood
The Catholic Church went through a drastic reform that became quite different than it was before Armageddon. There is the Church opposed to a state called Empire resembling the Byzantine Empires, Russian and Ottoman Empires. These elements of Trinity Blood manage to create a universe that keeps features and similarities with the current, but also creates a sharp contrast.

Trinity Blood anime
900 years ago, the Armageddon has destroyed much of the Earth and made changes in its population. Therefore, this event prompted the arrival of "Methuselah" (descendants of human colonists settled on March , contaminated by a virus , and nanotechnology giving them strength and durability over the standard human), having landed in Armageddon, commonly called vampires by "Terrans" because of their similarities with them, and the appearance of Cyborgs (minor class of machines) created from the Lost Technology (Our current technology).

anime Trinity Blood
From there, the Methuselah opposed the Terrans (humans) to establish their power over them. To maintain the delicate balance established between the Terrans and Methuselah , the Vatican created a response team: the AX. This organization is composed of priests and religious insiders and powerful fighting techniques.

Trinity Blood Opening theme "Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix)" by Buck-Tick

Dress (bloody trinity mix) Lyrics

kagami no mae de kimi to madoromu usubeni no yubisaki
sono te wa fui ni yowasa wo misete
kuchibiru wo fusai da
ano hi  kimi to yakusoku wo kawashita
ima wa futari omoidasezu ni

I fell asleep with you in front of the mirror  with light crimson fingertips
Your hand accidentally shows weakness
And you closed your lips
That day, we made a promise to each other
Now, neither of us can remember it

taikutsu na uta ni mimi wo katamuke  mado no soto mitsumeru
boku wa DORESU (DRESS) wo matoi  odotte miseyou
kurutteru kai  oshiete
itsuka  kaze ni sarawarete yuku darou
ima wa futari omoidasezu

I listen to a boring song, and stare out the window
I wrap myself in a dress and show off a dance
Tell me, am I crazy?
One day, it will probably be carried off by the wind
Now, neither of us can remember it

boku wa naze  kaze no you ni kumo no you ni
ano sora he to ukabu hane ga nai  naze
hoshi no you ni tsuki no you ni subete tsutsumu  ano yoru he to shizumu hane ga nai aa

Trinity Blood Ending theme1 "Broken Wings" by Tomoko Tane

Broken Wings

I know this will not remain forever
However it's beautiful
Your eyes, hands and your warm smile
They're my treasure
It's hard to forget
I wish there was a solution
Don't spend your time in confusion
I'll turn back now and spread

My broken wings still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings How far should I go drifting in the wind
Higher and higher in the light
My broken wings still strong enough to cross the ocean with
My broken wings How far should I go drifting in the wind
Across the sky, just keep on flying

keisoku no dekinai itami to keisoku no dekinai jikan no nagare ga
subete wo uemete shimaou to shite mo
sore demo watashi ni wa kanjirareru
sora kara ochite kuru no wa ame de wa nakute. . .


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