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May 9, 2012


A brief explanation of the meaning of the title, "xxx" represents a variable and "Holic" refers to the suffix of the English word "alco holic " or "worka holic " (pointing to a dependent person at work). The opening theme is "19sai" by Shikao Suga while the first ending theme is "Reason" by Fonogenico.
xxx Holic anime
Kimihiro Watanuki, a student, has always been the ability to see spirits. Constantly trampled, jostled and harassed by ectoplasm that seems to attract, he wants more than anything to get rid of this annoying gift.

xxxholic anime

One day, while being pursued by a spirit, Kimihiro between accidentally in a strange house, wedged between two buildings. It is in this unique shop that meets Yuuko Ichihara , a witch who turns out to be able to release this gift he hates so much. However in Yuuko everything has a price, it grants wishes of its customers that if they make a payment of equivalent value. Kimihiro will help the mysterious seer in his "trade vows," until the sum of his work reaches a value equal to his desire. Through this little job, originally supposed to consist only of a housekeeper, he will meet many people's minds and it will evolve according to the policy of selling a bit special to Yuuko.
anime xxxholic

The plot is organized around different "business" type supernatural presented in chronological order. Each of these events is an opportunity for characters to draw different lessons, often difficult to accept, on the existence and allow them to evolve. As the story continues, crosses with the plot of Tsubasa are becoming more and more to the point that it is often useful to read some episodes of one of the manga to fully understand certain aspects of scriptwriting the other. It seems reasonable that the two works have in fact been developed as the two inseparable facets of the same story, this impression is particularly reinforced by the recent chapters of Tsubasa.

xxxHolic Opening theme "19sai" by Shikao Suga

19sai Lyrics

Kuchibiru ni doku wo nutte boku no heya ni kita deshou?
Anata no kisu de mou karada mo mune mo toketeshimaisou
Daikiraina boku juukyuusai
Daikiraina boku juukyuusai

Hakike ga suru kurai anata no kokoro utsukushii no ni
Nani hitotsu dekinai boku ni doushite kisu shite kureru no?
Daikiraina hibi juukyuusai
Daikiraina kao juukyuusai

Kuroage hachou no you ni hokorashii hane de tobitai
Kudaranaitte iwanaide sonna jinsei ga ii no ii no...

Yogoreteru tamashii dake wo torinozoku no ga muri nara
Dochira ni arukeba sore wo mirai to yoberu no deshou?
Chuuburarinna yume juukyuusai
Chuuburarinna uso juukyuusai

xxxHolic Ending theme "Reason" by Fonogenico

Reason Lyrics

konna kimochi wa umarete kite hajimete
toomeina RINGU tsunagatte
sou me to me ga atta Babe it's you
sora no iro made umare kawari hajimaru
HAATO RANPU hikatta hirame kita to ai hiraiteku

kimagure na tabi ni uchi yosete kaesu
meguri ai wa sanjan tsukare hatete
oto zureta MERODII kikeba haru URARA
tanjun mekai na kotae wo kimi ga kureta

konna kimochi wa umarete kite hajimete
ote wa hippatte mukiatte
mou kowagaranaide Call my name
kotoba no imi mo umare kawari hajimeru
konja datte nai datte kanjite kita subete ni Reason

toritsukurou yori mo isso home ga itte
wadakamari wa ANGOU itsuka tokeru


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