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Feb 17, 2012

D.Gray-man First Opening and Ending Theme

It is a manga written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino, with the main plot the eternal battle between good embodied in the exorcists, clerics, and supernatural and divine substance called Innocence and the evil represented by the Millennium Earl and the Noah's family, visionaries seeking to annihilate evil humanity.
d grayman anime
All of the music for the D.Gray-Man anime series were composed by Kaoru Wada, and so far three CD soundtracks have been released in Japan by Sony Music Entertainment. The Opening theme1 is "Innocent Sorrow" by Abingdon Boys School and the ending theme1 is "Snow Kiss" by NIRGILIS.

The series focuses on an imaginary end of the nineteenth century in Europe , where the Black Order struggle to stop the Millennium Earl, who intends to destroy mankind with his army of Akuma and Ryu, weapons created from the souls of the dead when a family member or loved one mourns for his loss, considering it a punishment from God . To help the Dark Order involves the use of the divine substance called Innocence divided into 109 pieces, which spread throughout the world thanks to the Great Flood . Deriving the birth of the Exorcists, people able to use the innocent and destroy the Akuma. A piece of innocence is known as the "Heart of Innocence" which can secure victory in battle. But the county also is looking for the innocence and the heart to destroy them.

d grayman anime
The main character is Allen Walker , a young Exorcist who has met recently at the Black Order after being abandoned by his master, General Cross. Thus beginning a very exciting and dangerous adventure full of woes, risks and ethical problems faced by exorcists in order to save mankind. Allen made to feel emotionally attached and that immerse you in a variety of experiences with which it develops, more allies and many enemies.

d grayman anime

D.Gray-man Opening theme1 "Innocent Sorrow" by Abingdon Boys School

Innocent Sorrow Lyrics

Saketa mune no kizuguchi ni afure nagareru PAIN In the dark
Kasaneaeta shunkan no tsunagaru omoi tokashite

Samenai netsu ni unasarete saigo no koe mo kikoenai

Don't cry kowaresou na hodo dakishimetara kimi ga furuete ita Oh...
Sotto kazasu te no hira ni furete misete

Kitto sagashite ita n da iroasenai kimi to iu na no kiseki o
Motto tsuyoku te no hira de boku ni furete Ever and never end

D.Gray-man Ending theme1 "Snow Kiss" by NIRGILIS

Snow Kiss Lyrics

Me wo tojite naito gurouin
Yobiokosu ano kioku

Kogoeru kuchibiru kande
Futari kata wo yoseau

Saigo ni kimi wo mita hi wo
Kioku no soko ni kakushita

Kono mama kimi to GOOD-BYE nante
Iwanai de

Kimochi toka torenai kizuato
Kesenai de
Kesenai de...


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