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Feb 3, 2012

Darker Than Black - Howling

The series has been adapted into two sleeves , serialized in magazines Gekkan Asuka and Young Gangan . The anime was awarded Best Original Anime by GoGoplex, a popular teen magazine. The first opening and ending themes performed by Abingdon boys school and Rie fu.
Gemini of the Meteor
An unexplored territory known as Hell's Gate (The Gate of Hell), he suddenly appeared in the past, depriving Tokyo of its original sky. As a consequence, also appeared people with special abilities, the Dolls (puppets) and Contractors. Puppets are emotionless mediums, while contracts have certain special powers, and appear to have as its main purpose is to kill. Intelligence agencies around the world use Contractors to conceal secrets relating to the Hell's Gate, and carried out violent battles for possession of information.

Gemini of the Meteor
Hei is sent to Tokyo under the false identity of a Chinese student exchange, Lee Shen Shun, but actually is a high-level agent of Contractor Organization. Your code is BK201, the Black Shinigami. The division of the Japanese National Police for questions related to the Hell's Gate is also following cases which are dealt with Hei, but always a step behind.
Gemini of the Meteor

Darker Than Black Opening theme1 "Howling" by Abingdon boys school


Howling Lyrics

A night sky full of cries
Hearts filled with lies
The contract...
Is it worth the price?
A soul pledged to the darkness
Now I've lost it
I know I can kill
The truth exists beyond the gates

fusagareta mabuta kara afuredashita namida
kurikaeshi mushibamareru netsuai to chi no kakeraa

Don't worry I need to any more
I know he don't it ask for

karameta futatsu no mune no sukima de
hoshigaru dake no kawaita kono karada ga

kegareta yubisaki de yoru wo sosogikonde
chikireru made kimi wo kojiakete
asai nemuri no naka hagareta omoi ga kishimu
nanimokamo ima wa subete keshisaretara

Soul will rise. Close your eyes.
Downfallen, fallen , fallen.
Cold inside.
Just howling in the shadows.

Darker Than Black Ending theme1 "Tsukiakari" by Rie fu


Tsukiakari Lyrics

Aoi aoi sora ni tsuki no hikari wo tomosu
Amaku awaku omoi sonna mono ni torawarete

Kono tsukiakari no shita hitori shirazu
Kimi no namae dake wo yondeita
Itsumademo mirai wo sagashiteta
Kono hikari no naka ni...

Nani mo tsukamenai you na yoru ni ha
Kimi wo omowanai toki ha nai
There isn't a day i don't think about it
Mayou kokoro ga kimi ni todoku you ni

Kono tsukiakari no shita de watashi no namae wo yonde
Tashika ni ainiyuku yo doko he demo
Kono hikari no naka ni...


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