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Nov 6, 2011

Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl - Michishirube

Hazumu provides a rare case of Gender Bender where the one whose gender has been bent doesn't seem to really care that much about the predicament. In fact, it's possible she is actually happier this way.
anime Girl Meets Girl
The love triangle in the show also gets presented in a pretty straightforward way, all but completely disregarding that the story is in fact about two girls who try to win the affection of another girl. "Kashimashi" is both the name of the town and school where the series is set and the Japanese word for "noisy".

anime Girl Meets Girl
The anime opening theme, "Koisuru Kokoro" by Eufonius, and main ending theme, "Michishirube" by Yuumao. The anime used four alternate versions of the ending theme sung by four of the voice actors. In episode eight, it was sung by Masumi Asano, in episode nine by Kana Ueda as Hazumu, in episode ten by Yui Horie as Yasuna, and in episode eleven by Yukari Tamura as Tomari.
anime Girl Meets Girl
A guy named Hazumu is recognized in the Yasuna's love. Then, after climbing his favorite mountain to sulk over being rejected, a passing UFO crashes on him and kills him. Then the aliens put him back together again... as a girl! This is where the story begins.

Kashimashi Ending theme "Michishirube" by Yui Horie version


Michishirube Lyrics

Doko made mo tsudzuku michi nara
Itsuka mata kimi ni deaeru no?
Yasashisa de kakusu yowamushi
Sonna kao sasete gomenne

Looking for the truth
Are kara boku wa
Aozora wo sagashite ita

kanashimi wo koete
Shiawase ni narou yo
Mada mienai saki no sekai wo
Shinjite yukou ka
Nakisou na egao kagayaki ni kaeru
Yakusoku siyou kono te wo hanasanaide
Mirai wa sugu soko


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