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Oct 26, 2011

Memories Off 2nd - Nocturne

This anime is the favorite and prolonged running Visual Novel series by KID, with its first game on Play Station. The Anime Game has also been converted into Anime OVAs.
anime Memories Off 2nd
The anime adaptation's opening theme, "Nocturne", is also performed by Mizuki Nana and its ending theme, "Usual place", is performed by Tiaraway.
A Regular High School Student, Inami Ken, has begun dating the girl of his ideals but something happens, and their relationship breaks. The player can try to start over with his ex-girlfriend, or pursue another girl, all of these in a sentimental and romantic atmosphere with some comedic elements.

anime Memories Off 2nd

On the fan discs, the setting is much funnier and with fan service elements.

Memories Off 2nd Opening theme "Nocturne" by Nana Mizuki


Nocturne Lyrics

kizutsuketa? kizutsuita? sonna uso
waga mama wo tsutsumi konda
omou yori sabishi ga riya na jibun ga KOKO ni iru

daisuki na futari no ano basho mo 
egaiteta futari no ashita mo
zenbu kitto daiji da yo ne "love" sunao ni ieru
hitomi no saki ni ochita shizuku wa anata e no believe again
asa no hikari ga futari ni ochiru hidamari wa dokoka na?
faraway place where two futures
become one lights up dream
kono karada mo fuan mo tstsunde hoshii...


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