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Sep 25, 2011

Shichinin no Nana-Birdie,Birdie

Nana Suzuki Parents left in the U.S. (where his father was sent to work), and the girl stayed with her grandfather, an inventor. His lifelong dream is to find a way to catch the rainbow and include it in the crystalline form.

The opening theme is "Success, Success" by Nana x Nana and the ending theme is "Birdie, Birdie" by Nana Mizuki.


During a failed experiment with Nana is an accident, which resulted in there are six copies of Nana! Now, in addition to the original, there are more: sports quick-tempered, Nana (Nanappe), a cheerful Nana (Nanacchi), a cry-baby Nana (Nanarin), a slacker Nana (Nanakko), a weird Nana (Nanapon) and a bookworm Nana (Nanasama).
Naturally, the experiment goes awry, and splits Nana into seven versions of herself, each with her own matching rainbow crystal. Now, Nana must find a way to integrate the crystals together, or else all seven of her will vanish.

Shichinin no Nana Ending Theme 'Birdie, Birdie' by Nana Mizuki


Birdie, Birdie Lyrics

Futatsu no hitomi ni utsutte iru
kotoba ni deki nai kanashimi
afure dasu no o matteru

Birdie Birdie tsuiban de
Birdie Birdie namida no tsubu
jiyuu na oozora kokoro o tsuredashi te

mabuta o tojire ba hibii te kuru
hiru wa hiru yoru wa yoru
shizukesa heiwa tsutae te

Birdie Birdie ano sora wa
Birdie Birdie anata no ie
watashi no madobe mo ai o utai ni ki te

Birdie Birdie ano sora wa
Birdie Birdie anata no ie
watashi no madobe ni mo ai o utai ni ki te


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