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Jun 13, 2011

Bakemonogatari - Sweet Sugar Nightmare

"Bakemonogatari" is a verbal wit on the Japanese term bakemono for paranormal individuals and the term monogatari for stories. The sequence makes up for it with some of the wittiest, entertaining, and at times funniest conversation.
anime bakemonogatari
The anime series has five Opening theme and one Ending theme. The fifth opening theme 'Sugar Sweet Nightmare' is performed by Yui Horie.
anime popular Bakemonogatari

A high schoolboy Koyomi Araragi catching a girl who looks to have fallen angelically from the top of a tall spiral stairway named Senjougahara and Araragi immediately realizes she's one of his classmates. He becomes obsessed with her (and her weight issues) and after school that day, while working out for the school festival, Araragi begins questioning the class president about Senjougahara's past and what she's like. With that Araragi tells the surprised Senjougahara that he was recently turned into a vampire and that a roving (homeless) spiritualist/exorcist named Oshino Meme saved him.

Bakemonogatari 5th Opening Theme "Sweet Sugar Nightmare" by Yui Horie

Sugar Sweet Nightmare lyrics

koishikute itoshikute tomaranai
semete kono kokoro wa kimi no moto e..

kimi ga omou hodo tenshi ja nai kara
kirameku kimochi wa chimimouryou

isso no koto mou akuma ni naretara
tsubuyaku kotoba wa imi mourou

ano hi no mama de zutto matteru
akirameta mama ima mo matteru no

iitakute ienakute todokanai
konna soba ni itemo nee dou sureba ii no?

koishikute itoshikute tomaranai
semete kono kokoro wa kimi no moto e..


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