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Aug 12, 2010

Mai-Hime - Kimi ga Sora datta

Mai-HiME was visualized as a multimedia project, arching anime, manga and video game editions, all manufactured separately of each other with each one following an unusual continuity. The anime went out to be by far the most popular visualizing, but the manga has its followers.
anime my hime
The anime series has one Opening theme and Three Ending theme. 'Kimi ga Sora datta' for Ending Theme 1 is performed by Aki Misato.

anime mai hime

Mai Tokiha and her sickly younger brother, Takumi receives an invitation to study at a prestigious private school Fuuka, and the school allocates to them a stipend, which is very important for a poor family, had lost his mother at an early age. Sailing on a ferry to arrive there, Mai is involved in the rescue of almost drowned a strange girl Mikoto extracted from water with a huge black sword. However, it almost cost the lives of herself - the vessel in order to kill Mikoto gets another strange girl Natsuki, and their ensuing fight, in which both use powerful magical powers. The ferry began to fall apart. Trying to protect against Mikoto Natsuki and her robot assassin, Mai suddenly discovers his HiME-ability - so strong that Natsuki has to retire.

Mai - Hime Ending Theme1 "Kimi ga Sora datta" (You Were the Sky) by Aki Misato


Kimi ga Sora datta Lyrics

mayowanaide to ienakatta
todokanai omoi mo aru
samishisugiru egao ga yurete
kizu wo nazotta Lonely good-bye

jounetsu sae itamu yo
eien no no kakera oikakete
kimi ga sora datta, yume datta
moete tokeru hibi wo..

wasurenai omoide ni shite
sono mune wo kazareba ii
Search for my life, mata itsuka aeru ne
toumei na me wo aishiteta yo
ima wa sorezore no michi, susumu "RESTARTING"

wakariaezu ni, oku ni nemuru
kimi no yowasa ya tsurasa e fureteshimatta
oroka na hodo suki datta noni Time is over


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